At Death’s Door (2009) - Egyptian Artist MOATAZ NASR

على مشارف الموت is short video production completed by Moataz Nasr as part of a DARB 1718 exhibition titled Khobz خبز “Bread”. The exhibition featured several artistic performances that revolved around Bread and its important role in the Egyptian society as a main source of food, as well as its symbolic significance within different parts of the society, particularly with the lower class not only in Egypt but also across the Middle East. In this piece, Moataz Nasr films the making of a bread loaf from inside the stove, starting with the first moment of conception to the end result of a full grown bread in a manner that allows the viewer to experience the whole process visually, emotionally, and critically while thinking of the relevance of the piece of Khobz to the different socio-economic classes within the Egyptian society. For example, those of us who are extremely privileged experience the process and its outcomes on a different level than underprivileged groups within our societies who revere that sole bread loaf and its status within the nuclear family.

(Source: isqneeha)