Artist of the Day: Kuwaiti Fatima Al Qadiri


Fatima Al Qadiri is a Kuwaiti visual and musical artist who was born in Senegal in 1981. Fatima currently lives and works in New York City, and have acquired her BA in Linguistics from New York University in 2004. She held several group and solo exhibitions, mainly in New York and Kuwait.

The uniqueness in Al Qadiri’s work makes it very hard to categorize it under the conventional contemporary styles of art, however, as many people have defined her work she tends to bend several styles into forming her own self-representative collage that encompasses her style.  Growing up in Kuwait around the time of the Gulf War and living the horrors of war plays a huge role in her pieces, particularly in her musical productions. She also seeks to form a highly extravegant fusion between her religious/culture background and her diverse New York City environment. Fatima is an artist who is able to successfully handle working with Music, Video, and Image productions in a manner that entices the Middle Eastern viewer in particular, and the global mentality in general.

Fatima’s music project runs under the name AyShay. AyShay in Arabic means “Anything”. 

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  1. anar-key said: I absolutely love her work. When I listen to her mixes I often find myself thinking that this is what a naturally induced high feels like.
  2. worldtuff said: Love her
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